ID Photo Maker

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Easily create your photo for an ID card or passport


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We've all had an occasion when we needed to use an image for an ID card or passport that we didn't much like. Now, thanks to ID Photo Maker, you will not have to use the photo you made in the moment that you didn't like, because now this program lets you easily create your own photo.

You can choose an image taken previously or take one directly from your webcam whenever you have a white background behind you.

After selecting the particular photo, simply specify the position of each eye and where your head begins and ends, so the cut is perfect and the image is the format established within the guidelines for a photo ID.

After cropping the image, you can apply color correction effects, brightness and contrast, and finally, specify how many copies you want to print on a single sheet.

The trial version only allows you to test the program but not save the results so we would have to take a screenshot of the image with another external program.

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